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These are some of the reasons that I joined the Network Marketing Industry:

* No boss
* 10,000 sq ft home
* Buy whatever I want
* Go on vacation whenever I want
* Never have to worry about money or bills again

I had done my research and I knew that the industry legitimately provided a way for an average person to start a business, with minimum investment and risk, and mold it into a multi-million dollar enterprise if so desired. But when I joined, there seemed to be a plague on network marketing!

I mean everyone I talked to about it thought that it was a scam or some sort of get rich quick scheme. I found myself begging and even dishing out cash to entice my friends and family members to come to the meetings. I worked so hard with trying to coordinate the schedule of my up-line leader with that of my prospect so that “someone who really knew the business” could explain it to my potential team member. And then something happened.

I got trampled on, rejected and tossed out on the street with no new sign-ups. So I began to ask myself, “How is it that I could see the opportunity to have a strong business and take the lead in developing something solid for my life- but nobody else could see the vision for themselves?”

The company gave me a welcome kit and told me to set up my first home meeting and invite all my friends and family. I was instructed to buy the marketing materials provided by the company and share them with anyone who came within three feet of me. I did what I was taught. I did what the top people in the company were doing – but it never developed into business for me. Heck, after all of that, I eventually resorted to the mindset of maybe this just wasn’t for me.

Now the sad part about this is that somewhere in the process I lost sight of my dreams of working from home, spending more time with my family and buying anything I wanted anytime. I slowly began to join the long list of naysayers who “told me” that network marketing doesn’t work for normal people. I saw the people making 6 figures a year and thought that I could do it the way they did it, no problem. Ah ha! I took all the actions that made them successful, but that was the problem, and still is the problem with traditional network marketing.

Why didn’t it work for me? I began to understand that it was not my fault. To begin, it didn’t work because I did not have a proven, measurable system to follow nor was I set up with the right tools or strategy for me. Deep down inside I knew that this type of business model can certainly be done. I mean, if it were impossible, all of those people on the stage at the conventions wouldn’t even be there. So, what is it that was missing? What was it that the heavy-hitters knew and had that I didn’t? Well the answer was so simple that I didn’t even get it the first time I heard it. “A system!”

That was it! The Multi-million dollar earners had a duplicable system that worked based on metrics, not on chance. It was the system all along that they looked to as a model for leadership to guide their actions and approach to the business.

Now I could see why I simply could not succeed using the system my personal up-line leaders taught me. THEY were succeeding, but I was not. It was because I was trying to plug into a system where only the strong personalities could survive, where the extroverts got all the leads and the one who could present was adored. My personality is different. As my leaders, they didn’t see that I wasn’t just like them. I needed a leader who understood my style. Great leaders identify quickly that all people cannot be led the same way and then the leaders adapt their teaching style to achieve results for all.

Motivated by my revelation about the system I had been taught, I turned to a person whom I knew could provide me with quality leadership and honest answers in this area. My new mentor showed me that being successful in this business model didn’t require me to go through the well worn system of calling from the phone book and/or put every person I came in contact with on my “top 100 prospect list”.

It didn’t require that I be the best speaker or even the savvy salesman (even though I think I’m pretty good at that). Being successful in this business model only required me to be me and to use the skills and talents that I already knew I possessed in a way that would compel others, on their own, to want to be part of whatever it was I had. I had finally got it! I needed to develop my own system of leadership that would work for me!

So How Did I Turn Failure Into Success?

Step One: Taking the lead to build my business, the first thing I did was get started developing a successful system that would support my style of leadership and communication. I learned how to market so people would want to search out my services and then I developed a system for it. That is exactly what I teach my students.

Most network marketers still don’t get it. Most business owners do not get it. The world is not your market. Everybody doesn’t want what you have. I had to stop being the hunter and become the hunted. Once I began being sought out, my business began to grow.

Step Two: The second thing I did was determine who I was as a leader, what skills and qualities I had and I began to use them. Many people I have coached said once they sat down and allowed themselves to emerge, so did the wealth that was hidden in their business.

For example, I loved to speak in front of audiences, so I put systems in place to help me capitalize on that. The internet is full of services that allow my potential prospects to hear me. I had to let the true leader within me come out and not be afraid of the success that would follow!

Step Three: The third step I took was to equip myself with the right tools for success. See, if you try to build a house without nails and a hammer, you’re going to struggle unnecessarily. Likewise, if you try to build a successful business without a specific set of tools, you will wind up broke and part of the NFL (No Friends Left) club. Before understanding the importance of leadership through strong systems that would support my style I had already become a hall-of-famer of the NFL!

Now, normally I save what I’m going to share with you for my special coaching students, but this book is special and so are you. I dug deep and unfailingly until I found someone to share with me the specific tools I would need to win in this business. This mentor put me on a right path to get set up with technology tools that would integrate into the person to person side of my business system. I chose to listen to what the ultra-successful people were telling me and the results started pouring in.

Step Four: The final thing I did was align myself with a mastermind group, one that was dedicated to the growth and development of its members.

Remember those naysayers we talked about earlier? I decided to let them be them and move to a place of positivity and optimism. Get involved with a group where the energy and the teachings produce success stories and wealth. This one step has allowed me to really take control of my life and design a brand new blueprint for the next 3-5 years.

My Leaders Didn’t Know About This Stuff, I Didn’t Have Any Support

What I want to make crystal clear to you is that it doesn’t matter what company, what product, or who your current manager or up-line is. Leadership and support is always available to those who seek it out. I didn’t like the results, or lack thereof, that I was initially getting from my so called leaders, so I sought out the information on my own. I sought to align myself with those leaders who would see in me what I couldn’t initially see for myself. My new leaders allowed me to learn, grow and encouraged me to develop in a way that will support me for years.

I firmly believed that I had to make this happen for me. I had to take matters into my own hands. To become a great leader in my own right, I had to believe that I could succeed and then I needed to find alternate solutions to teach me how to really make it happen.

By becoming my own leader first, I was able to teach my team exactly what I had learned and discovered. Being willing to share the knowledge rather than be afraid of creating competition for myself is a trait of a confident leader. That action resulted in a solid organization full of strong, secure, confident professional business leaders in their own right. All I simply needed to do was make a shift from a system that did not work to one that did. And believe it or not, this revolutionary system of leadership worked!

In many business models there is a high failure rate. Many of the network marketing industry’s high-dollar earners make excuses like “high attrition is expected” or “you have to get a lot of no’s before you get your yes” just to keep new reps pushing. Hogwash! Yes attrition is high, but for a very different reason. Attrition in network marketing and failure in most businesses are due to a lack of planning and a strong system that supports the vision of the company.

The system needs to support the different personality types that will be following and implementing it. The system also needs leaders that can teach, inspire and recognize when the system needs modification for the people following it. Business evolves. Systems need to evolve too if they do not work anymore. I understand now that if I come across someone who is not looking for a change, by their own admission, then even if temporarily convinced, he/she will eventually return back to what is most comfortable.

Moral of the story: I have mastered how to find and work with people who raise their hands and decide that they too want to work with me. They too want to become leaders in their own right.

Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself When The Going Gets Tough

1) Is leadership success (or whatever it is you want) something you deeply want and are willing to work hard at or is it just a thought that passes by every now and then?

2) Why do you have to make “this” work? Who and what is counting on you?

3) What skill(s) do you have that you can capitalize on and use to differentiate yourself from the crowd?

4) Are you coachable and teachable as well as open to critiquing that will only make you better?

5) Are you excited about the life that you know you can have and ready to go for it?

Before I experienced my network marketing success, I asked myself these very same questions. And you know what? I was honest with myself too! The answers revealed to me that I was ready to let the leader within me come out and that I was serious about making a difference in me and my family’s lifestyle.

So, take a moment and ask yourself these exact same questions. You might even need to take a day or so to come up with the true answers. Although I don’t know what your final answers will be, I do know that if they are anything like mine you will do and be just what you said you could do and be- a phenomenon! Allow yourself to fail and grow in search for your leadership success, knowing that it’s part of the learning process. Just don’t stop searching because success is on the way!

By Tracey Walker

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