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ATTENTION ENTREPRENEURS: In this age of digital media, social networking and 24/7 Twittering, are you overlooking the power of an *ancient* medium?. If you want to be seen as a trusted expert in your field... and get more sales... then nothing beats the power of writing a book - a real book you can hold in your hands.

How You Can Be Published in the New Upcoming
Book "The Power of Leadership in Closing Sales"
Along with Other Famous Best Selling Authors

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What's Going On:

We are currently seeking people in business for the opportunity of joining our exclusive team of authors and contributing a chapter in our newest Joint Venture Collaborative Anthology along with other great leaders and New York Times best selling authors.

This exciting new book is Volume Five in the Power of Leadership book series. The anticipated release date is September 15, 2010. If your chapter is selected for inclusion, you will have the option of your name and picture appearing on the back cover.

Do you want to enhance your credibility and make a Positive Change in the lives of others... in 90 Days or Less? Being in this book you are engaging the "Power of Association". You are greatly enhancing your credibility being seen among famous celebrity authors and other well known, highly influential business professionals.

Front Cover

Front Cover

Why Are We Writing this Book?

Beyond the obvious reasons of promoting their business, our contributing authors are also reaching personal goals such as becoming published authors, reaching out to people because they want to teach, they love giving, nurturing or being philanthropic. They are creating a better world around them (and for their children and loved ones) by leaving a legacy of good will.

Here’s your chance as an author to promote yourself or your business while doing a greater good in passing on some of your knowledge and giving inspiration for help others find the strength within them selves to become more confident and effective leaders for achieving their dreams.

They say “A picture is worth a 1000 words” but your story will last a lifetime. What you do as a leader, the knowledge that you share… When you take this leadership and mentorship role as a contributing author the knowledge that you share will impact the reader’s lives forever.

This is your book, your time to stand on a platform to share your wisdom and knowledge to the readers.  If you write from your heart and mix in your wisdom and knowledge then you will have a winning chapter.

You are a leader taking control of your own destiny and creating success; now show others how to do the same.

Besides the Happy "Feel Good" Reasons,
Why Should You Be in this New Book?

Because You Need to "Step it Up" in Today's Challenging Economy

It's good for business! Being a published author can take you and your business to a whole new level of success and influence. In today’s challenging economy, being in a book can give you the added credibility you need to open exciting new doors of opportunity for you, increase your ability to close more sales and make more money faster.

Nothing can replace or beat the added trust and credibility you gain when you author a book.

Being in this New Book You Can:

Promote this book as "Your Book".
Make a positive change in the lives of others.
Maintain 100% ownership and copyright of your chapter.
Gain a lifetime of clout and credibility by being a published author.
Enjoy the bragging rights of being seen with high ranking celebrities.
Brand yourself as the "Top Leading Expert" in your industry.
Use the name and likeness of your book for promoting your business.
Sell your books and keep 100% of the profit.
And so very, very much more!

Here's the Deal:

This book is going to be published as a soft cover printed book you can hold in your hands and give or sell to people. Anticipated release date (published, in hands) is September 15, 2010.

The closing date for submissions to be in the book is August 15, 2010. To get in on this you need to sign up as a contributing author using either the form at the top of the page or below. We will send you all the info you need to get started and contribute your chapter, photo and short bio.

Space is limited to 20 spots... and there are only a few left! It's first come, first serve so hurry and sign up before you are closed out.

Back Cover
Back Cover

What You Are Getting

  • Option of Your Name & Photo as "Featured Author" on the Front or Back Cover
  • Your 1500 word article published in the new book.
  • Your name, picture, bio and contact info as a contributing author published in the book.
  • Professional editing services for your article.
  • Top level graphic arts services included to make your photo and your other artwork look the very best.
  • Your choice in quantity of Printed Books delivered right to your door. (Most authors are starting out with 150 books.)
  • Full control over the ownership and distribution of your books (Priceless)
  • Marketing materials for helping you with selling your books. * Order 150 books or more and we'll give you a FREE branded web site!
  • Back links to your website along with your photo and bio on the Meet the Authors page.


The Bottom Line

Co-authoring an anthology book is one of the fastest, most cost-effective paths to getting published FAST and EASY. Whether you want to become a published author to define yourself as an expert in your field or if being a published author is one of your goals in life, then this is the right time and the right opportunity for you.

When you co-author a Power of Leadership anthology book with our celebrity team of experienced experts, the entire publishing process takes about 4 months from start to finish. All you do is write your chapter and we take care of everything else for you.

Did you know most books take on average over two years to get published...
if they get published at all?

Consider all the time you will be saving in not writing all the chapters, editing, designing and laying up all the artwork, shopping printers or publishing companies, negotiating the best prices on everything... etc. Not to mention the learning curve involved if you lack any of the the above mentioned tasks.

If you were to publish a whole book all by yourself your costs could be well over $20,000. The whole self publishing process can take years to complete (if you ever complete the project at all). Then who is going to publish AND promote it for you?

Since this is a joint venture, all the co-authors are sharing the cost of publishing the Print Version.

  • Your share is $998.00 (you get 100 books shipped to you) - or -
  • If you want your name and photo on the back cover it's $1,497.00 (you get 150 books shipped to you). - or -
  • If you want your name and photo on the front cover in place of the knight chess piece image, then it's $2997.00 (you get 300 custom books shipped to you).

(Remember: There are no up front costs to submit your chapter for consideration. If your chapter is approved for inclusion then you agree to pre-order and pay for your desired amount of books prior to printing. Read our FAQ for more details.)


If you are on a tight budget and still want to be in the book PLEASE LET US KNOW! We do sponsor a few authors in each book. You might be one that we choose. So don't let price alone stop you from doing this, okay?


So, "What's the catch" you ask?
(the catch is Promotional Team Work)

Joint Venture Author Publishing Team Effort for writing books and getting publishing success.
Publishing Team - All Together
Each Are Accomplishing More

Well, there are actually 2 catches... First one is that you must have some form of leadership experience (business owner, parent, been in charge of a group of people, etc.) We have a screening process that all prospective authors must pass. We don't let just anyone in the book!

The second catch is that you must be serious about helping others grow by providing high quality leadership information and be willing to participate in the team work involved in promoting this book for the prosperity of everyone involved... including your own!

Greater Success and Prosperity Through Leverage and Synergy

This is a joint venture opportunity and we are bringing people with a variety of skills together so that collectively we can achieve more and enjoy better results than if we worked alone.

Imagine the additional power and reach behind every author in the book distributing their copies with your chapter in it exposing you and your business to their friends and clients. You are counting on them and they are counting on you. We are all supporting each other in a team effort.


What Other Co-Authors in Previous
Power of Leadership Books are Saying...

See what Debbra Sweet is saying about how being an author is advancing her career, opening new doors for marketing her business and showing how you can too:


"I was blessed to be invited to be a Contributing Author in this very historic book in Chapter 4 'Are You A Giver Or A Taker?'

It doesn't matter what vocation you currently have, this book touches all aspects of Professional Networking which can even impact your job or traditional business. Proper or improper Leadership can mean the difference between your Success or Failure.

Here's the doorway to Success: Take action and become a Powerhouse in Business Networking that people will be drawn to like a Magnet!!

Thanks for everything!!"

Ivan Harris, Sr.
Life Help Consultant
"The Value Creator"
Author in "The Power of Leadership in Business Networking"


"So I had the book signing last night.. what a tremendous night. Anyway looks like (don’t have totals yet since I left my books in hubby’s car) I sold 28 including pre orders :-)  

Too cool for the first book!  And I may have another speaking engagement just based on the bio I gave because of the Fearlessly Female.. another super lady started Girls for God and wants me to speak at their conference!

Pro Publishing Company did a fantastic job. It's so exciting seeing your work in print!"

Debbie Ruiz
Executive Event Planner
Author in "The Power of Leadership in Business Networking"


Mark Wiggins

"I sold a copy of the book at a training I was teaching and now a lady at Middle TN State wants to use it for her leadership class "it covers all the aspects of what we were going to teach"  she said. They didn't have a book for the class, now they do...

Praise God... Thanks!"

Mark Wiggins
Speaker, Author, Coach
Author in “Being the Leader Producing Results”
"Moving you from the bench to the starting line-up of life"


Ann Evanston

"Hi Daniel – this is great! I want to be involved and drive success! Dying to know what’s up the road too. However I can help. Also, I would love to talk with you about my business networking chapter – I have so much content here it’s almost overwhelming, social networking, rules of engagement, growing your career and networking, too much for one chapter!

I also have some video of the Being the Leader book signing on my YouTube Channel- take a look!"










Ann Evanston
Author in “Being the Leader Producing Results”
The Warrior is Within You


Trent Williams

"Thank you again so much for putting together such a nice book for us."



Trent Williams
Landmark Investment Group
Author in “Being the Leader Producing Results”

Tiffany Timmons

"I wanted to let you know I received the books…and they look great! Thanks so much!"


Tiffany Timmons
Certified Business Coach
Action COACH
Author in “Being the Leader Producing Results”


Cutressa Williams

"Hi Daniel, I was so thrilled & excited to hear ALL of the wonderful opportunities that have manifested for you and Debbra! So AWESOME! That confirms how blessed I am to have connected w/you and seriously jumped on your offer! I am just over the moon ecstatic!

I am so excited about my contribution to the book. I am so honored to have this opportunity to be in "partnership" w/such wonderful people. I definitely want to grow w/the team and am Very Excited about the Future...

Thank you!"

Cutressa Williams
CEO Abundant Success Institute & Consulting LLC
Author in "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"


Donnamay Stewart

"I will be in a part of another event hopefully on May 9,  and I am hoping to sell the rest of the books I have left. On June 1st there is a special event in Washington, celebrating the Caribbean Month and I am trying my utmost to be able to attend.

The radio show was GREAT yesterday,...........I finally got a chance to listen to the entire show, not just pieces.!!!! Thanks again and do take care. Give Debbra my love!"

Donnamay Stewart
Author & Poet
Author in "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"


Tiffany Allen

"The books are FANTASTIC and thanks again for the opportunity!"



Thandi Gude
Coach, Trainer & Consultant
Author in "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"

"Awesome Leadership series of books... I'm proud to be a writer/contributor and know that these books help to enrich thousands of people!"




David Feinstein
Business Coach & Network Marketing Entrepreneur
Author in "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow
and Finding the Leader Within"


Kami Renteria

"Thanks for this amazing opportunity again. The book looks great and flows beautifully."



Kami Renteria
Woman Entrepreneur
Author in "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"


Jason Purifee

"Wow! I like the way it moves as I read it. Thank you for the opportunity!"



Jason Purifee AKA JPX
Musician, Minister & Public Speaker
Author in "Finding the Leader Within"

Courtney Walsh Co-Author of The Power of Leadership "Finding the Leader Within"

"Thanks for the opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this chapter---it gave me a great perspective on how far I've come in my life and in my career!"



Courtney Walsh
Author & Public Speaker
Author in "Finding the Leader Within"


"Wow! I just got back from vacation and love love love to see pictures of my book! The cover looks so cool!




Lisa Wells
Virtual Assistant
Author in "Finding the Leader Within"


Daniel Sweet CEO of Pro Publishing Company and Author in Power in Leadership book series.
Daniel Sweet
Creator of the Power of Leadership Book Series


Optional Reading for More Information:

And a few more…



Risk-Free Guarantee

Sign up as a contributing author right now with 100% peace of mind because of this Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You can Sign Up right now with 100% Peace of Mind because I'm Offering You a Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Really, there's absolutely no risk on your part. In fact, no purchase is necessary to submit your chapter for publishing consideration and there's no obligation to be published if you change your mind prior to the project closing date. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings and we part as friends. How's that? I think that’s as fair and to the point as it gets.

I'm taking all the risk, so YOU have everything to gain and nothing to lose. That's my promise to you!


Here’s What I Want You to Do Next

Go to the sign up form below that says “Tell Us You Want to Be in the New Book!”

  1. Fill in your first name
  2. Fill in your best email
  3. Include your phone number
  4. Answer Yes or No to being on the cover
  5. Indicate the quantity of books your want to receive
  6. Click on the “Sign Me Up Now” button.
  7. On the next page that opens you will find all the information you need to get started.

If you have any questions just call or email us, the publishing team is here for you. We do not want anything slowing you down or holding you back from doing this. Our goal is to make sure this process is super easy so that you can be part of a high quality book that you will be proud to call your own.

Co-Author Sign Up Form: Tell Us You Want to Be
in the New Book!

Co-authoring an anthology book is one of the fastest, most cost-effective paths to getting published FAST and EASY.

Whether you want to become a published author to define yourself as an expert in your field or if being an author is one of your goals in your life that you want to reach, then this is the right time and the right opportunity for you.


Daniel Sweet, Author and CEO of Pro Publishing Company Power of Leadership Book Series
  To Your Success,
  Power of Leadership Book Series
support@ pro-publishing-company.com





P.S. If you want to be a published author, be seen as a trusted expert in your field, help people change their lives for the better... and make more sales faster... then nothing beats the power of being in a real book!

* But hurry because there are only a few spots left in the book then it will close off forever. Don't be left out for waiting too long. Sign up now!


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