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4/08/10: Daniel Sweet launches new website dedicated to his passion of recording music. A former professional rock musician, Daniel Sweet shares his studio recording tips, tricks and insights to other musicians for free. Visit the Home Studio Recording Web Site.

12/05/09: Women Learn Sales Marketing Training Online in Home Study Course by Sweet Marketing Solutions - The increasing demand by women business owners to learn sales and marketing training online find the perfect solution with Marketing Made Easy™ Home Study Course for the Woman Entrepreneur.

10/15/09: New Power of Leadership Fan Page launched on Facebook. Become a Fan Today!

10/14/09: Google.com is ranking Daniel Sweet, Leadership Author in Power of Leadership books and Expert Leadership Trainer as #1 in their listings!

10/12/09: Debba Sweet in association with God's Word First Christian Ministry and Pro Publishing Company publishes her new book titled "Repairing the Reprobate Mind".

10/06/09: Ezine Articles.com awards the title of Expert Author to Daniel Sweet.

9/21/09: Daniel Sweet Publishes 4th book in Power of Leadership book series "The Power of Leadership in Business Networking".

5/04/09: Daniel Sweet Publishes 3rd book in Power of Leadership book series "Being the Leader Producing Results".

2/26/09: In celebration of Google bestowing the title "Authority Site" on Power of Leadership Books, we are revamping the site with an updated look and adding more graphics, leadership videos, more features,expanded information and even more chapters from other Power of Leadership books.

2/25/09: Google.com now ranks PowerOfLeadershipBooks.com as #1 authority site on the subject of Leadership Training & Instruction!

2/12/09: Debbra Sweet, Daniel Sweet and Sweet Marketing Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the San Diego Marketing Made Easy Seminars. In the Marketing Made Easy™ Seminars, you are going to discover insights, tips, resources and proven techniques to help you grow your business. Enjoy learning in a direct and easy approach to help you get to the bottom line of what you need to do for results. In the Marketing Made Easy™ Seminars I am giving time-tested, proven systems and guidelines you can use again and again. The vastness of marketing has finally been broken into manageable ideas that you can apply today. Whether you business is online or offline, if you are just starting up or have been in business for quite some time, attending the Marketing Made Easy™ Seminars is right for you!

2/10/09: PowerOfLeadershipBooks.com adds free articles of interest and instruction in leadership plus some assorted chapters from Volume 1: The Power of Leadership "Finding the Leader Within".

2/02/09: Debbra Sweet has just published her new Marketing Made Easy™ Home Study Course. Discover insights, tips, resources and proven techniques for helping you grow your business with Easy and Effective Marketing. Enjoy learning with a direct, easy to understand, and proven approach helping you get results fast. Get your very own copy today!


1/09/09:Daniel Sweet Publishes 2nd book in Power of Leadership book series "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow".

1/06/09: Launch of Power of Leadership Radio
Listen live every Tuesday at 2-3 pm Pacific Time with your host Debbra Sweet and learn from top leadership professionals that will transform you into a world class leader for greater health, wealth and prosperity. www.PowerOfLeadershipRadio.com

7/24/08: Daniel Sweet of Pro Publishing Company and Power of Leadership Publishes 1st book in New Leadership Series "Finding the Leader Within".

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