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Power of Leadership: Volume 3 Chapters in "Being the Leader Producing Results"

Power of Leadership Book Being the Leader Producing Results

Introduction by Daniel Sweet & Debbra Sweet

Section 1: Developing Your Leadership Mindset

1) Your Success Depends on Helping Others Succeed by Daniel Sweet
2) Leaders as Servants by Len Strickler
3) The New Definition of TEAM by Mark Wiggins
4) Leaders Producing Results Must Lead Themselves First by Greg Haughton
5) Leading with a Mission by Daniel Sweet
6) Giving Your Way to Wealth by Trent Williams

Section 2: The Power of Accountability in Leadership

7) Winners and Whiners: Responsibility vs. Victim by Ed Mercer
8) Be Decisive, Not Divisive by Debbra Sweet
9) Leading with Accountability for Reaching Your Goals and Producing Results by Daniel Sweet
10) Responsibility + Accountability = The New Gold Standard by Ben Gay III
11) Walking Authentically by Debbra Sweet

Section 3: Company Culture, Motivation, Communication and Delegation - Holding it All Together

12) The Power of Culture by Paul Spiegelman
13) The Roots and Wings of Motivation and Accomplishing Goals by Tiffany Timmons
14) Getting the Results You Desire Through Effective Communication by Robert Vance
15) Delegate, Don't Dump-A-Gate! The Seven Keys to Effective Delegation by Ann Evanston
16) Compartmentalizing Only Works for Closets by Debbra Sweet
17) Executive or Leader- Is one always the other? by Troy Scheer
18) The Everyday Leader by Barbara Amato

Section 4: Leadership in Marketing Your Business

19) How Deep is Your Network? by Ivan Misner Ph.D.
20) Producing Results in Your Marketing by Positioning Yourself as a Leader in Your Field by Daniel Sweet
21) Final Thoughts by Daniel Sweet & Debbra Sweet

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