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Read Chapters in Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow

Power of Leadership: Volume 2 Chapters in "Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow"

Power of Leadership Book Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow

Foreword by Greg Haughton

Introduction by Daniel Sweet

Section 1: Instruction in Leadership Styles

1) Managers or Leaders, What's the Difference? by Gudmundur Sigurdarson

2) The Personal Characteristics Needed When Possessing a Leadership Role by Donnamay Stewart

3) Creating a High-Performance Leadership Style by Dr. Tony Alessanda

4) Tyrant or Servant by Robert Vance

5) Today Matters, Tomorrow Is Too Late by Armen Tatiyants

6) Legacy, Empowerment, Authority and Dedication: The Smart Leader's Guide to Success by Thandi Gude

7) On Being the Leader Others Long to Follow: The Way Up is from Within by Cutressa M. Williams

Section 2: Personal Insights for Leadership

8) The Fear Factor by Daniel Sweet

9) Replacing Limiting Beliefs by Debbie Kutz

10) Lead by Example: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk by Tiffany M. Allen

11) Become Unstoppable by Kami Renteria

12) Be Your Best by Sal Conveto

13) Honesty and Trust in Leadership by Kody Bateman

14) The Attitude of Success by Scotty Jones

Section 3: Business Insights for Leadership

15) Leaders are Grown, Not Born! by Edward R. Mercer

16) Accountability in Leadership by Debbra Sweet

17) Follow Through: The Key to People Following You by Ed Badrak

18) The Importance of Effective Communication in Leadership by Dave Saunders

19) Conflict Resolution by Ben Gay III

20) How to Become a Master Networker Whom Others Will Follow by Ivan Misner Ph.D.

21) How to Develop the Confidence to Become a Great Leader by David & Ann Feinstein

22) Mentorship and the Training of Olympic Champions by Greg Haughton

23) Conclusion by Daniel Sweet & Debbra Sweet

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