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Sleep Deeply - Restful Sleep

Speaking in concern for the power of energized leadership within each and every person I need to share the effect deep sleep will have on a person to help them become a fantastic leader.

Why sleep? This is a book about Leadership, Success and True Happiness, right? Without a good night’s sleep, your waking hours are less productive and your decision making suffers.

First of all, relax. Close your eyes and breathe deep into your belly button. Yes, I said belly button. You will likely need to practice this. Lean back a little and get yourself comfortable. Yep that’s right, and smile. Now take a breath. Let it out then breathe deeper, close your eyes. Let your ribs expand and your belly fill. Well done.

At this moment you have discovered one of the necessary acts of living and that is how to breathe so oxygen will replenish your cells and all will be right with the millions of cells that are you.

Sleeping Deeply, Restful

Good breathing in sleep is critical to repairing and healing of all of our bodies, brains, hearts and spirits. Laughing is crucial in well-being because it makes us feel good. Feeling good about ourselves is a lost art in some places. Feeling good, breathing deeply, laughing and yes great food and love of self will help you sleep better, live well and give you the strength to be the leader you need to be in your life.

Sleeping is thought of as something that just happens. Well for shift workers and people like me sleep is a far off dream sometimes. Our systems are messed up by fooling around with our biological clocks. Sleep keeps you alive. During deep sleep your body heals itself and prepares for a new awakening after 8 hours or so. Sleep is necessary for our well-being.

When we are living with a deficit of deep sleep we react slowly. We are slow to understand the simplest things, we mess up our accounts of meetings, and of everything we attempt. It is hard.

Our power as a leader depends on our ability to be well and make good, fast decisions. Sleep is often overlooked in order to reach that late night required deadline, to feed a baby, to meet with colleagues after work and to be successful. Sleep. Can you sleep deeply?

Pressure, stress, toxic workplaces abound these days in fear of the unknown. Sleep, even deep sleep, is disturbed by dreams of terror, fear and horror. We watch television, movies and documentaries that sometimes keep us up at night. When you go to bed close all the curtains and relax into sleep. Shut off the outside world by turning off the cell phones, TVs, radios and sleep. We live in a world of noise that interferes with our body’s abilities
to function properly.

Power to Manifest Leadership

The power to manifest leadership comes with good, deep and restful sleep each and every night. There will be good leaders among us who sleep well, work well and give unto others in a respectful caring manner. The leaders to whom are given the gift of power know the power is a gift to be used wisely in the present moment, to be flexible like the red willow and compassionate
in all ways.

True leaders seek success that has little to do with wealth in the terms of money. Leaders from within are highly successful in knowing themselves fully, being authentic, joining in learning and being respectful. Sleep and dreams. Each night we go to bed fully expecting to awaken refreshed. Most of the people I know sleep well and are indeed refreshed. The world needs these people to dream and sleep and lead. Are you one of them?

Every person in their circle of influence has the potential to be a leader and can lead many people to becoming leaders themselves.

If we can encourage good sleep for all people we would be forging new leaders everywhere. So we need to remember to laugh, to breathe, to relax, to listen and sleep well to be who we are destined to be. True happiness comes from being centered.

Asking our Creator for guidance is one way of asking the spirit to help you. Happiness and joy go hand in hand when people feel connected to universal energy and have the necessities of life including family, shelter, clean water, wholesome food and clothing. Happiness and joy are related to who we are in this moment rather than to the possessions we have.

Your dreams during sleep give you suggestions for finding your bliss and purpose in the world. So sleep well my friend, finding the leader within yourself and dreaming of success.

By Cynthia Irene Birdwise Lecocq

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