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Introduction to Finding the Leader Within

This book is Volume 1 of a 12 Part Series on the Power of Leadership. We are dedicating this book to all seekers of greatness, the unique individuals who want to rise up from where they are in life right now and seek a brighter future. This can only be accomplished by first finding and developing the leader within themselves.

In this volume on Finding the Leader Within, you’ll uncover personal stories of inspiration and instruction from other people, some maybe even just like you, who have gone from rags to riches – mentally as well as monetarily – and how you can too.

Defining Leadership

Leadership usually comes to most people because they are either thrust into it or they are willing to step forward and take on a leadership role. When one thinks of leadership, there is usually an understanding that along with the position in title and duty, responsibility and accountability to others comes along with it.

Being a leader is not always about being in business. People find challenges in their daily lives in many different ways. Leadership skills come in handy whether you are raising children, counseling a friend, looking for a job or dealing with an uncomfortable situation.

There are some who we have met who, unknowingly, walked with the propensity of dynamic leadership. They have inspired, taught, mentored and helped others to reach greatness without giving it much thought. Through the real life stories and heartfelt sharing in The Power of Leadership: “Finding the Leader Within” our goal is to inspire you to see that you too, have great leadership skills.

Some people are born with behaviors that emanate strong leadership tendencies. Others have learned how to be a leader. There are people we have seen over the years who have displayed a heart to serve, to lead, to learn and to grow. Some of these people are stepping forward and taking on the mantle of leadership. Others will sit quietly on the sidelines hoping for the opportunity to give. They hope that someone will notice and offer
them the chance to speak up. These quiet supporters of leadership are uncertain of how to make their heart to serve known.

Inspiring You

This book is geared to inspire, encourage and support all of the above. Our goal is to share and teach, to guide and to give so that you too can confidently step forward becoming a strong leader in your own circle of influence.

The best leaders are not those who become leaders for the sake of power. The best leaders are those who serve others with their ability to make choices and decisions and then stand behind them. They walk with integrity in order to better the lives of the people they lead.

True Leadership

True leadership reflects the ultimate ability to give. You give a part of yourself each time you serve and the best leaders know that their return is often the personal fulfillment in knowing that through leadership and giving, the leaders receive back in abundance.

To become a leader of others you must first have learned to lead yourself. That takes discipline, dedication and a willingness to always go the extra mile. We all have an inner burning desire to better ourselves in some way. It takes commitment and tenacity.

Think about it. You personally have probably seen normal people do extraordinary things. Like the kid who finally stands up to the bully or the average guy who gets up the nerve to quit his job, follow his dreams and go into business for himself.

Leadership Examples

You’ve also seen extraordinary people do what seems like near supernatural feats. Like Martha Stewart going from downtrodden teenager to household name with national superstar status in only a few short years, end up in jail then rise from the ashes and make a major come back. Even Donald Trump went from middle class to ultra rich, to completely broke and back to very rich again – and even more famous than he was before!

As a young man, Abraham Lincoln was a dismal failure in business. He gave up his law practice and was forced into bankruptcy. As you well know, Mr. Lincoln later went on to become President of the United States and one of the most beloved one’s at that!

Do you wonder how they did it? They found the leader within themselves and the courage to act on it. Not just thinking about it, but also taking action! That is the most crucial point in accomplishing goals.

Taking Action

You must take action now! Not tomorrow, next week or later when you feel the timing is right. Do it now. Just like you are taking action by reading this book. You are one step closer to greatness just because you are taking action.

Leaders take immediate action. You can do this too. Smart leaders seek the guidance of others who have gone before them; so enjoy the true life examples in this book. The authors have given their story to you to share, guide and inspire. If you wish to contact any of the authors, please do so. They have graciously made themselves available to you by including their contact information.

Follow in their footsteps, learn from their mistakes, rejoice in your triumphs and you too can achieve greater things in life for yourself and for your loved ones.

By Daniel Sweet and Debbra Sweet

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