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Read Chapters in Finding the Leader Within

Power of Leadership: Volume 1 Chapters in "Finding the Leader Within"

Power of Leadership Book Finding the Leader Within

Foreword by Dr. Ivan R. Misner, Ph.d

Introduction by Daniel & Debbra Sweet

Section 1: Creating Your Foundation for Leadership

1) How Do We Define Leadership? by Daniel Sweet

2) The Road to Leadership by Robert Vance

3) Step Up to Lead by Debbra Sweet

4) Lead With Your Story by John Pol

5) Leadership Will Change Your Life by Andy Geldart

Section 2: Inspiration and Instruction in Leadership

6) Be the Leader You Were Born to Be by Pam Russell

7) Leadership - Why not you? Why not NOW? by Carol Wooden Groark

8) Following Your Inner Compass to Leadership by Courtney Walsh

9) Leadership Roles and Believing in Yourself by Kim Hughes

10) The Growth of Virtual Independence by Fran McCully

Section 3: Personal Insights to Becoming a Leader

11) Unwavering Integrity by Ed Mercer

12) Living a Life of Freedom, Not Excuses by Bardi Toto

13) The Stress Elimination Solution: True Leadership from a Serene Mind by Hillary Jollimore

14) Conviction and Belief in a Higher Power by Jason Purifie

15) Humor Anyone? by Ed Badrak

Section 4: Business Insights for Leadership

16) Find a Need and Fill It by Lisa Wells

17) Success in Leadership Through Systems by Tracey Walker

18) Identify Your Leadership Skills by Ryan Hill

19) How to Create the Leaders that Will Propel Your Business by David and Ann Feinstein

Section 5: Extra Insights to Great Leadership

20) The Yellow Door by Ben Gay III

21) If You Think You Can, You Are Right! by Kathy David

22) Sleep Deeply - Restful Sleep by Cynthia Irene Birdewise Lecocq

23) Conclusion by Daniel Sweet

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Volume 2

Power of Leadership Book Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow

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Volume 3

Power of Leadership Book Being the Leader Producing Results

Read Chapters in "Being the Leader Producing Results"

Volume 4

Power of Leadership in Business Networking

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