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Leadership - Why not you? Why not NOW?

Have you ever wondered what the secret formula is to all of those people that have made it to the top of their company or in their personal life? How do they all get to become so successful and you are still struggling to make ends meet and get that next promotion? Well, there is no real secret.

The choice is actually yours because everyone has the ability to get up that ladder to success and become a leader in their own right. You just have to make up your mind to do it now. One of my favorite quotes by Og Mandino is, “I will persist until I succeed”.

Never Give Up Philosophy

You need to have a Never Give Up philosophy and have a Positive Mental Attitude in all aspects of your life in order to come out on top. Babe Ruth struck out many more times than you’d think in order to become the Home Run Record-holder. He didn’t just quit because he had lots of strike outs. He knew he’d get up again and the more times he got up at bat, the better the chance to hit another home run.

Babe Ruth’s persistence led the way to inspire thousands for years. How one perceives a situation is going to affect the final outcome. You must take the approach that every failure is a learning experience and once you begin to do this, you will become a successful leader.


A little background on my first influential mentor when I began my work-from-home business, my grandmother, Ruth Krier. She not only successfully raised seven children after her abusive husband left them, but she always put her family’s needs first. She was an independent woman that worked outside the home and she never once complained because she made her children, her WHY. As her children grew and she retired, she went to live with them and her 27 grandchildren and eventually some of her 14 great grandchildren.

She would always lend a hand with chores and errands and most importantly encouraged each one of us to not be followers of other people’s dreams and to go after our dreams and make them come true. She said, “Don’t listen to those that make fun of you. Stand on your own two feet and just keep going no matter what.”

When I started out in my business, there were plenty of negative comments from those that were trying to “help” me not make the big mistake of thinking I would become successful. They would say: ‘Maybe I should go to college or get a “real” job.’ Grandma just pulled me aside and said, “I know you’ll do just fine and I know you will be the only one out of them all that will be most successful. Keep up the great job and never, ever give up on yourself and your dreams.” At that point, I knew I had to keep going. My family deserved that chance. I deserved that chance, and I made the decision to really go after it all.

What is YOUR "Why Not?"

You need to make a decision to decide. I decided that my children are my WHY. They are why I get up a little earlier in the morning and stay up a little later after they are in bed at night. They are why I WILL make it to the TOP of Discovery Toys in the next two years. They are why I was a top recruiter last year. They are why I have the courage to lead my team to success. They are why I don’t attend every social and school function, but I’m at almost every game or concert they perform in.

I want them to be able to have every opportunity to be able to choose for themselves what they want in life. I lead by example and don’t settle for the minimum, but go way beyond. I play full out and expect them to dream big and aim higher than they think is possible. Why settle for mediocrity and complacency when there is a rich and rewarding future within your grasp?

Invest in your business. Invest in your life. This is where you need to make choices that will help you get your business or life to the next level. I plan out my day, spend time to reflect on my accomplishments and have my goals and dreams where I can see them when I first get up and right before I go to sleep at night. Spend quality time with your family while they are there. Enjoy every moment. Life is too precious to look back and say, “If only I had….”

I sometimes go out of state to work my business and take my entire family with me. My business allows us this convenience and opportunity to include them in our fulfillment of dreams and goals. They learn more by being with you, if schedules allow. They get to watch and hear your successes and they will model you. They look up to you and will thank you as they grow into leaders, too.

Personal Growth and Development

Feed your mind with plenty of personal growth and development. Seek out your mentors that you have been reading and learning from in your business and life studies. Do you have an inspirational friend, manager or colleague that is at the top of their game? Are there any seminars or trainings you would like to attend? Then you need to be there! Be willing to travel to learn from the best.

I was very fortunate that I was pointed toward my Diamond National Sales Director’s training that she was having halfway across the country two years ago. I seized that opportunity and took my then 11 year-old son with me. WOW! We attended the session and it forever changed our lives for the better. We participated in separate group activities and Michael even helped his team come up with a name, slogan and song.

We learned many helpful things for my business and it helped me become an even better mom, wife and team leader. My son learned so much more than he will in school at this one event. This has proven to be just the beginning of my successful journey and it’s not about to slow down anytime soon. Learning lessons can be anywhere – and leadership inspiration can even come from a child.

While on your journey to successes you must continue to build your library with only the best books, CD’s, DVD’s and training materials. Turn your car into a rolling classroom and attend everything your company has to offer, like seminars and conventions. You just might learn more at your company’s conventions in 2 days than you will learn in 2 years had you not attended.


Make a commitment to your team and family. Show them that they can be successful, too. Be there for the people in your life. Hold conference calls and lead them on the call with answers to their questions. Get involved with people in the community. Encourage them to ask even more questions and be sure they understand the answers. Find out what their “why’s” are and where they want to go with their business and their life.

Everybody has different visions and goals. If they don’t know exactly where they want to be and what their goals are, it’s your job as their leader to help guide them to find their goals and help them create a plan to achieve them. Make the choice to build your fabulous future starting right now. What are you waiting for? You alone are in control of what path your life will take and you are the only one that can make that decision to decide.

My grandmother’s belief in me, along with my director’s training and encouragement to help me decide to take on this successful journey to the top with my family will be forever in the forefront of my mind. I encourage you to become the leader I know that is inside each of you. I believe in you. I am on my way to the TOP! Why not you? Why not NOW?

By Carol Wooden Groark

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