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At the time I am writing this, I am a 25 year old entrepreneur that has only begun to scratch the surface of accomplishments and experiences that will inevitably be my life. Currently, I am a business owner, consultant, graphic designer, program director/host, coach and student of life. My mission in life is to inspire and empower new leaders, innovators, and influencers for future generations.

I am currently mentoring and coaching individuals to make a full-time income by taking their businesses or business opportunities online. This is where I am right now…at this moment in time…in my life. I am extremely blessed. I have a gorgeous, loving wife, a wonderful family, amazing friends and great relationships.

Let me be the first to tell you that life wasn’t always this way. I have endured a great deal in my life before I began having success in business and in life. Let me tell you more about my story. I am the youngest of 3 children. My parents immigrated here to the United States from Cambodia and Vietnam. I was the first and only born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a young teen I was very rebellious, got into a lot of trouble, the wrong crowds, crime and drugs. I have been blessed with an extremely loving and amazing mother that helped me get back on the right track. Around age 17, I smartened up, got my act together, my grades together and got into college.

If you’re anything like me, then you can probably relate to the fact that I was told my whole life to: “Study hard, get good grades, go to college, get a high-paying job and everything would be just peachy keen”. Well, that didn’t exactly turn to out to be great advice.

After graduating college in late 2005 and after experiencing a dozen job interviews, I came to the realization that I am psychologically unemployable. I had no desire to get a 9 to 5 job and retire after working the same job for 40 years; that just wasn’t going to happen.

So, I decided to start my own freelance graphic design business. I must say that at first, it was really fantastic. I was making a living from being creative and artistic. I was getting lost in my work! However, the routine and deadlines quickly got mundane and very stressful. Some weeks I was overwhelmed in work and making money. Other weeks I was pinching pennies with no work at all.

I was easily working 80 hours a week and had no time to enjoy life. I was a one man show! I was the Graphic Designer, the Salesman, the Accountant, the Marketer, you name it, and I did it. This wasn’t exactly the “own business” I had envisioned in my mind. Soon after, I began studying different industries and demographics before beginning my next venture. I soon became very fascinated with the trends and buying habits of the baby boomer industry.

I decided to partner up with a friend that had many years of experience in the specialty footwear industry. There was a huge niche market in my local area of Cincinnati and we decided to go for it. After analyzing the pros and cons of a start-up and a franchise, we decided to create our own brand and create a start-up. I must say that the build out process and the conceptualization of the business was an amazing experience. Looking back I am amazed that we were able to create the business from the mere idea to the grand opening in less than four months.

The business soared in the first 2 years and exceeded our expectations. Our success and credibility grew quite fast in the city of Cincinnati. I was even featured on the cover of the business section of “The Cincinnati Enquirer” as a featured entrepreneur. I was very fortunate to have such a great opportunity and our business soared even more.

After seeing much success I realized that I was falling into many of the same traps that I encountered with my freelance design business. I was a leader in my business, but not in my personal life. I was wearing too many hats and I was working in my business all the time. I was making great money, but I was unable to spend quality time with my family, the ones I love and the ones I was claiming to be working for.

Once again this wasn’t exactly the “own business” I had envisioned in my mind. I had created an amazingly successful business, but I felt extremely unfulfilled. I had developed a plan to create a successful business, but I didn’t have the end product in mind. I didn’t create an exit strategy after the business was up and running. An extremely important lesson that I had to learn the hard way is that you must always have the end product or end result in mind before you begin to create an action plan.

Dynamic Genuine Leadership

Dynamic, genuine leadership starts with having the end result clearly envisioned first, and then, work backwards to create a structured action plan. If you fail to do this in your business and in your life, you may be headed into a collision. In my case, it was an amazing learning experience that I wouldn’t change for the world, but I also would not want to experience again. I was coming to the end of one season of my life and entering a new one, one filled with massive potential and abundance.

I took these life lessons and began to search out other options to create the life I wanted. This began the turning point in my life where I first began my journey in the abundant world of the internet. I had been searching around on the internet for ideas for my next business and I ran across a series of videos from a young entrepreneur.

His videos were so powerful that I felt that he was speaking right to me. He spoke of “solo entrepreneurs”, leveraging technology, automating your business, and creating a lifestyle by design. This guy was living the life and having the success that I had always dreamed of. So, I contacted this individual and he was surprisingly authentic and genuine. He truly related to my experiences and completely transformed my life.

What do Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady all have in common?

You give up? They all have great coaches and mentors.

These are teachers to help them embrace their talents and become the absolute best they can be. They have leaders to guide them, to see what they can’t see, to direct, support and encourage to be the very best. I realized that this key factor was what I was missing in my life. He was a leader already and I was willing to be a student. The problem that many self-employed business owners and heads of households have is that they try to do too much work. They aren’t leveraging the knowledge of others to help them succeed.

3 Key Leadership Success Elements

Leverage all 3 of these key elements and you will achieve success beyond your wildest dreams:

  1. The Proper Mindset
  2. Great Coaches & Mentors
  3. Being Part of a Mastermind Community

A mastermind community is a group of like minded entrepreneurs that support each other and help each other achieve great success. These elements will help you become a powerful leader, help you to provide massive value to others, and achieve great success and wealth (in that order).

So, let’s tie this all together and let me tell you what I have discovered on my journey to success.

Lead with Yourself

There is one X-Factor in marketing that has been proven successful and has stood the test of time. This X-Factor is “Story Branding”. Story Branding is branding you through your unique story, experiences, and personality. To become a powerful leader and attain success, you must own your feelings, experiences, and your story. You must understand ‘The Law of Attraction”.

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted to you by the person you become.” -Jim Rohn

Everyone has a unique story to tell. Your unique story has the ability to inspire and empower the lives of countless people. Just like how that young entrepreneur transformed my life and empowered me. Many people have the desire to become a leader, but are reluctant because they believe that they do not have the skills or that it is just too difficult.

There are going to be certain individuals that will be attracted to you and your story that won’t be attracted to me by John Pol’s story. Do you see how powerful that is? Everyone has a unique story. Anyone can use their story to brand themselves as a unique leader to help those that will naturally gravitate towards them because of- not in spite of- their story.

Lead with yourself, not your product or business opportunity. People follow people, not products and businesses. When we stop chasing money or time, and start providing value by being our genuine selves, that my friends, is when true success and great leadership opportunities appear.

Regardless of your skills, if you have the desire and passion for success…find you mentor in person, through books, classes or video. Let that mentor and their story help you find the way to discovering your leader within.

Leaders are willing to freely teach others and share from experience.

I must say that all of the programs, e-books, videos, and technology in the world will not guarantee you success. But-if you acquire a proper mindset, mentors, and masterminds, your success as a leader will reach bounds beyond your wildest dreams. I hope that my story has in some way touched, moved or inspired you to attain greatness in your business career and in your life.

If you would like to discover the “secret” formula that the masses will never know about attaining massive success online… I encourage you to go to one of my websites, send me a message or better yet… give me a call and connect with me!

By John Pol

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