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About the Power of Leadership Book Series

Read the Power of Leadership Book Series. Free leadership articles, book chapters, tips, and insights from some of the world's greatest business and thought leaders.

55 authors in four books: Business leaders, celebrities, and best selling authors come together for sharing their knowledge with you for FREE on how to become a stronger leader in your family, your job or in your business for greater wealth and prosperity.

"The Power of Leadership books are filled with insight from leaders who exemplify what it truly means to be a leader. They are beacons of strength and character who have dedicated themselves to succeeding by helping others to succeed. Their words, stemming from depths of experience, will teach you what it takes to build unwavering character and become a leader capable of achieving success for yourself and others."
- Dr. Ivan Misner, Ph.D.

Making a difference one person at a time. We help people in business identify and then bring out their passion and personal strengths enabling them to reach all the success they seek and deserve.

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects the wind to change. The leader simply adjusts the sails."
-John Maxwell

Power of Leadership Books, all 4 titles

The authors in the Power of Leadership books agree there is a severe lack of leadership skills prevalent in society and in the world today. It starts with government and trickles down to the family unit. This lack of quality leadership is the cause of most strife and unrest in the world today.

As leaders are growing ever weaker in their leadership skills, the youth of today grow up to be weak in leadership skills themselves. This has an ever downward spiraling impact on the way government and business operates and how adults raise their children.

Instead of complaining about the way things are, the creator of this series and primary author, Daniel Sweet, decided to do something about it. Thus Power of Leadership books was born to educate and motivate people for rising up from where they are today. The goal is becoming stronger leaders in their role as parents, in their jobs and in their businesses for greater health, wealth and prosperity.

The Power of Leadership Team

Our team of authors wrote these books because we want to people to WAKE UP to how powerful they really are.

We want you to wake up to the infinite power, knowledge, and wisdom you have inside of yourself. And we want you to use all that goodness to create the reality you REALLY WANT. Not the reality that might have been dictated to you by forces unseen and unknown.

You see, we have this core fundamental belief inside of us that once we ALIGN ourselves with the true power we have inside of us we can live a life that is more meaningful, powerful, and beyond beautiful in every sense of the word. And be reaching out with this power, leading others toward greatness.

We know without a doubt that EVERY HUMAN BEING has this power of leadership, and it’s a choice of whether or not we want to wake up to it… put in the effort to grow… and use it to live the lives we really want for ourselves.

It’s as simple as making a GENUINE choice to want more for ourselves, to want real satisfaction and happiness with who we are, and then being open to the MASSIVE amount of lessons that will be flooded upon us as soon as we make that choice. And believe us once you ask for it… you’re going to get it!

Enjoy this labor of love called The Power of Leadship Book Series.

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