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How to Create the Leaders that Will Propel Your Business

Whenever the question of leadership comes up regarding my business I often have to reflect on what leadership traits have gotten Ann and I, my wife and partner, where we’re at in the last 20 years. No matter what type of business or organization you belong to, I believe that there are all types, shapes, and sizes of leaders in this world, and one type may not be as fitting in one area or industry as in another.

Certainly the types of leaders that the armed services create are important and obviously have helped shaped an entire nation yet some of those traits and techniques that these leaders possess may not be quite as effective in some working environments. They may seem quite overbearing for instance for an elementary school teacher, of whom obviously must also possess strong leadership skills for shaping our children’s minds. The truth is that there is no one size fits all type of leader.

How does one decipher between the skills that have led to dramatic success? Rewinding back through the 20 plus years of success that Ann and I have in the network marketing industry, and our very fast success that we’ve achieved in our latest business venture with Agel Enterprises – there are a variety of traits I feel have led us to where we are. However, I believe that above all, the most crucial trait that we both possess, and that nearly every other leader in business, possesses as well, is quite simple.

Caring For Those You Lead

The number one leadership quality that we identified is that we profoundly care for every single person in our organization. In fact, we enjoy seeing them succeed and achieve their dreams perhaps as much, if not more, as we do for ourselves. (Actually, we get downright excited about it.) This is essential to have success as a leader, bottom line! Genuinely caring about PEOPLE is a leadership skill that is easy to find inside yourself. If you are the type of person that naturally is drawn to empowering or the betterment of others, you’ve just identified a seed for your leadership opportunity.

Whether your organization is large and wide, or small and intimate, being able to get people to follow you… to follow your lead… quite frankly takes more than simply caring about their success. The fact is, however, that without that one paramount asset, as a leader, you will not get very far. That leadership quality is the one that sets the foundation for all others.

Creating Growth

The other vital element to having success in business and as a leader of others is the reality that when you lead, and create successes within an organization, you do so by not just doing alone, nor by simply pointing the way and delegating tasks. In fact, doing those things does not really make leaders at all but rather an organization dependent on the leader.

Absolutely no business organization in the world or nation can survive without independent free thinking leaders throughout. These free thinkers need to be taught to communicate and support one another to achieve a larger vision. This is why Ann and I, along with many leaders throughout history, dedicate time and energy to actually creating leaders.

Know the traits it takes to become powerful magnetic leaders and mentors, you, finding your leadership style, will want to help shape those who come into your organization with leadership traits. Very carefully and attentively mold each one who shows a desire to perform the actions that will also lead men and women to success.

Try to instill in these people the importance of caring for their own organization. Leadership starts at the top and travels all the way down to the person who just became a team member yesterday. Again, this is one of the key reasons that we’ve been as successful as we have been. Every single person on the team deserves the opportunity to step up and learn. As a leader it is a huge disservice not emphasizing that fact and creating the opportunity for others to grow.

Now of course there are other characteristics of a genuine leader. For those who have trust in you and decided to follow your lead, understand that not every person is born with the attributes of a natural outgoing leader. In fact most people are not initially comfortable as leaders. They may not have all the skill sets it takes right out of the gate to influence and inspire others to follow them. This means that you, after you’ve found your leadership style must shape and mold them. It is essential to focus on this for future success of your business or organization.

We have also come to understand that it is important to place goals and ambitions likely much greater than that of those which we lead. As a leader in business, for our team, it allows us to see the big picture. These goals allow us to actually see what’s possible for all the members of our team in order to motivate them to keep persisting through the hard times. If you are the top leader already or are leading others while working with a mentor, keeping your vision bigger than that of those you are in charge of allows them to reach a higher potential.

Persistent Leadership

Persistence is another absolute must when it comes to leading people who are willing to follow you. Obstacles will be met. The persistence to either push through and clobber these obstacles, or take the time and thought to work your way around them takes a ton of perseverance. Although it’s important that people have this trait innately, it’s also important to know that this can be taught. Using such elements as optimism, critical thinking, and visionary skills, most any person can be taught to think and act persistently and work through until the ultimate goal is achieved.

It is important to recognize however that persistence and determination should not be confused with stubbornness and resistance to change. In fact, we make it a point to remind ourselves and our team that while it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel...and that it is recommended to make great use of other people’s trial and error for a shortcut to success… we should also recognize and benefit from the fact that with new technology comes new opportunity. Trying to ignore and avoid this fact is detrimental to your business.

Stay constantly ahead of the loop by having frequent contact and consultation with outside leading experts in order to stay way ahead of the technology curve. You do not have to know everything yourself. Just know who to go to so that you, as a leader, can continue to learn as well. This keeps us, our system, and our organization on the cutting edge of the very latest modern technology and leaves us leaps ahead of nearly all of our competition.

You can do the same with your leadership roles. Instead of resisting change, realize that embracing it is a key factor in propelling success. Not being flexible while technology advances breeds struggles for others for years with the same old tired methods. It’s important to note that through all we do and teach as leaders, it is important to be very careful to always do everything that we do with integrity along with the perspective of doing things right and ethical.

One thing we’ve learned and witnessed a number of times is that no matter how much it may seem as though doing things unethically can lead to a shortcut to success –KNOW that the truth is: quick successes often lead to quicker failures. Great leaders conduct business and all interactions with others with the mindset that what is being created is a lifelong and lasting opportunity.

Leading the way with ethics, a system to teach others and a vision that combines efforts of a whole team, work together toward one common goal. For us it is to live with more freedom and joy than we ever thought possible. What is your goal? What is your vision? Lead by example.

On any given day you can find us doing exactly what we teach our future leaders in our organization to do: Grow their own businesses consistently and systematically. Our Agel organization means the world to us. Our wish is that each and every person we teach and lead sees success and also becomes a great leader in their own right. May you also see great success as a leader in your industry and area of life!

By David and Ann Feinstein

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