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Power of Leadership Books
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About Daniel Sweet

Daniel Sweet is the founder and CEO of Pro Publishing Company and creator of the Power of Leadership book series. A dynamic and growth minded individual, he's been an entrepreneur since 1978. In that time he has been a professional musician and an award winning recording artist appearing on stage, radio and seen on TV. He founded a multi truck carpet cleaning company, an integrated communications marketing firm and published a monthly magazine. He's also an active investor in real estate and an ordained minister. Daniel serves as President of God's Word First, a global Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry.


About Debbra Sweet

Debbra Sweet is an Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Musician, Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Trainer and the founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions. Her unique blend of endless creativity along with understanding business systems and a great sense of value in client relationships are all key elements that she uses to lead her team of professionals to achieving marketing results for her clients. Contact Debbra Sweet by calling 760-597-2790 or visit www.SweetMarketingSolutions.com and www.DebbraSweet.com


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