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The Difference Between Wealthy and Poor People

Here's what my leadership mentor told me about the only difference between wealthy and poor people. It was a total eye opening game changer at the time for me and my poverty mindset!

Many years ago my leadership mentor, R. Frank Tulak of IBEX Inc., told me that the only difference between wealthy people and poor people was their method of thinking.

Over the years personally working with the top leaders of the business world and many self made millionaires, I came to realize that Rich people really do think differently than poor people.

An interesting fact:; Rich people do not think a certain way because they are rich, they are rich because they think a certain way. It was their method of thinking that made them wealthy.

Here is an example: When it comes to education, tools and business ventures poor people always ask "How much is this going to cost me?" Rich people always ask "How much is this going to make me?"

As long as you focus on what things will cost you, you are focusing on money leaving your life. If you focus on how much it will make you, you are focusing on money coming to you. What you think about comes about.

Poor people say, "I will give you a full days work for a full days pay." Rich People say, "You pay for 5 things and I will give you 15 things in return."

The road to riches is in the method of your thinking! So let me ask you, what are you focusing on today?

By Daniel Sweet

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