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Knowing Just How Powerful You Really Are

You know what I have to share with you today? The knowledge of just how 'Powerful' you really are.

Let me ask you a question...

If you KNEW right now, with 100% certainty, that you were an INFINITE, limitless presence, that was capable of virtually anything...

If you knew with UNEQUIVOCAL certainty that you possessed a power you could never even really explain, yet you feltwas with you all the time...

If you absolutely knew there is literally NOTHING that can stop the sheer force of your applied energy and effort...

What would you be doing right now?

You see, I've always known that it isn't just knowledge or talent alone that allows someone to be super successful.

There's a whole lot more to it then that...

It's AWARENESS and BELIEVING in who YOU are, what YOU are, and the limitless potential you have to offer.

When this is your focus, and when you really begin to see very clearly just how powerful you are, you tend to getmuch stronger in everything you do.

You tend to be able to manifest things easier.

You build relationships easier. You influence people easier. You have more energy to go out there and do the action steps you need to do on a daily basis to really move your business forward.

In other words, everything about your life just changes. And I've not only watched this happen in my life, but in the lives of MANY others who are on the Power of Leadership books Author Team.

It's completely predictable

When you wake up to what you really are, it will change your life. And generally, it tends to give you SO MUCH MORE POWER then you had before to create success in your life.

So my message today is a message of Alignment.

It's a message of re-aligning the way you think about yourself with the limitless potential that you actually HAVE.

So that you can really see there is NOTHING stopping you from achieving what it is you really want in life.

But guess what? There's a little 'catch'...

You have to let go of any of the false or limiting beliefs and thoughts you have been carrying around about yourself.

It was my constant dedication and persistence to 'letting go' of as much false and limiting beliefs, emotions, and thoughts that I could which led me to forming the core strength needed to literally create a million dollar publishing company out of thin air.

And the gift I now have to give you is that now you can clearly SEE just how possible it is for you to create wealth as well.

I see just how powerful YOU ARE, and I will be here to serve as a reminder whenever you need it. And the things we talked about today are like the 'keys', the gateway into this power.

So stay growing. It's honestly amazing what can happen when you just keep growing, and stay on this path consistently.

Remember... You've got the power!

Always believe in POWERFUL YOU.

Always have faith in yourself and in your higher power.

Always know you can create whatever you truly set your heart and mind too.

By Daniel Sweet

About the Power of Leadership Book Series

Read the Power of Leadership Book Series. Business leaders, celebrities, and best selling authors come together for sharing their knowledge with you for FREE on how to become a stronger leader in your family, your job or in your business for greater wealth and prosperity. 55 authors in four books sharing free leadership articles, book chapters, tips, and insights from some of the world's greatest business and thought leaders.

"The Power of Leadership books are filled with insight from leaders who exemplify what it truly means to be a leader. They are beacons of strength and character who have dedicated themselves to succeeding by helping others to succeed. Their words, stemming from depths of experience, will teach you what it takes to build unwavering character and become a leader capable of achieving success for yourself and others." - Dr. Ivan Misner, Ph.D.

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