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How to Stop Feeling Jealous Around Successful People

Sometimes when people are struggling they find it hard to be happy for those around them who are succeeding and winning. In fact, those jealous feelings create a high level of emotional and mental pain.

Here is a better way to look at it: I love to hear about people winning because I know that if they did it, then so can I. And more importantly... SO CAN YOU!

3 Great Ways to Move from Jealousy to Happiness

Developing and maintaining these three things can change your life so that you can stop feeling jealous around successful people. Mostly because you will be a successful person too!

1. Master the Art of Relationships. The reason I have been able to have some of the biggest names in the industry work in my projects is because of my ability to develop powerful relationships. For most, this is not a skill that comes natural, but must be learned, practiced and then mastered.

2. Master the Art of Writing. Learning how to turn your words into cash is the secret of most self-made millionaires. It is not the amount of words you write, or even the words you use; it is how and where you write them.

3. Master the Art of Marketing. Many people hate this subject and feel it is out of their range of expertise. However, marketing is a vital skill that if not implemented in your business will eventually cause that business to fail. The good new is, marketing can be fun, easy and extremely profitable if you have a successful coach to follow.

If you know the secret of how to write with a golden pen then you will learn how to turn your words into cash. It's like having money tools in your back pocket that can help you master these three areas.\

1) You are building long lasting high quality relationships with 1,000's people at the same time through your written words.

2) Gain insight and expert guidance in the art of writing, helping you hone your skills. Find professional editing of your writing to polish it up reflecting your inner genius for attracting the right people to you and your business.

3) Use the right tools you need for marketing effectively. Learn how to use them for attracting the best clients for you.

Your success is my success! I want only the very best for you and for the people you come in contact with because there is a greater good at work here. What comes around goes around. As I sow seeds of success in the world, the universe delivers back to me in abundance. So it's a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone involved!

By Daniel Sweet

About the Power of Leadership Book Series

The Power of Leadership is a 12 part series. It is a collaborative effort of multiple authors each with the same two primary goals in mind. And these goals are (1) to provide the readers with quality information about how to find and develop the leader within themselves, and (2) for the author to promote their own business for greater prosperity.

Here’s a deeper reason why my team and I are writing this book series: What we are doing is engaging the "Givers Gain" principle. This is a biblical principle - give and ye shall receive - and it also ties into the Law of Attraction that says we get back in abundance from the universe the same positive (or negative) energy that we put out.

We give our readers the inspiration to effect positive change in their life for health, wealth and prosperity. In so doing, you are creating positive energy that will come back to you in so many wonderful ways.

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