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Andrew Carnegie once said, "Some people believe that education consists of the acquisition of knowledge, but in a truer sense it means that one has learned how to use knowledge".

From the age of eight I have been an acute reader and lover of knowledge but it was not until I learned how to use knowledge that I began to manifest all the things I dreamed about.

Have you ever wondered what was the key factor of making one business a booming success and the other a frustrating failure? The successful business understands the one major secret of success called the law of the built in market. This law states that no matter what you sell or market there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people who want to purchase your product.

A business that becomes the frustrating failure is the one who thinks customers are scarce and must find them.

The business that becomes a booming success is the one who continually seeks creative methods of exposure so that those looking for them can find them.

Top 5 Business Marketing Tips

Here are 5 tips that can help you get better exposure:

1) Realize your ideal customer already exists
2) Know your ideal customer is looking for you
3) It is your responsibility that your customer finds you
4) Rekindle your zeal for what you do
5) Get excited about helping people with what you do

If your income or business is not at the level you desire it is simply because you are not exposing your business or product enough. Looking for customers is to hard, letting customers find you is easier and much more profitable!

I hope you enjoyed this insight.

Remember, by reading chapters in The Power of Leadership books you are engaging the Law of Attraction and getting great leadership training for you and your business.

About the Power of Leadership Book Series

Read the Power of Leadership Book Series. Business leaders, celebrities, and best selling authors come together for sharing their knowledge with you for FREE on how to become a stronger leader in your family, your job or in your business for greater wealth and prosperity. 55 authors in four books sharing free leadership articles, book chapters, tips, and insights from some of the world's greatest business and thought leaders.

"The Power of Leadership books are filled with insight from leaders who exemplify what it truly means to be a leader. They are beacons of strength and character who have dedicated themselves to succeeding by helping others to succeed. Their words, stemming from depths of experience, will teach you what it takes to build unwavering character and become a leader capable of achieving success for yourself and others."
- Dr. Ivan Misner, Ph.D.

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